Do You Know Everything About Waugh Bridge Bat Colony

Waugh Bridge Bat Colony
A 2nd bat colony lives below the Watonga force Bridge in northwest Houston. in case you would like to observe the bat colony at either of those places, those suggestions will assist you

UPI Communications

Viewing the bat emergence can be one of the maximum super experiences in nature. Please be “bat pleasant” & enjoy looking the bats with out causing harm to the bats or your self.

Please sit or stand several ft away from the bridge all through the emergence to give the bats masses of room to fly. Please do no longer stand under the bridge all through the emergence.
Bats choose the darkish, especially whilst first emerging from their bridge crevices. Do now not use flashlights or digital camera flashes in the course of the emergence.
Loud voices can modify the bats’ emergence behavior. Please be considerate by using maintaining noise levels down. Please supervise your children & pets.
Please do no longer throw items at flying or roosting bats.
Do now not contact or pick up a grounded bat for any purpose. If the bat is at the floor, it can be a younger bat still learning to fly, or it could be sick. Grounded bats will chunk in self-defense.


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